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My back pain is under control again!!! Thank you Dr. Livingston!! more

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Dr. Joshua Livingston's staff really treats you right! more

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Dr. Joshua Livingston is a person I trust to treat my elderly parents. more

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Friendly staff, beautiful office, in-house acuupuncture, Dr. Livingston is awesome! more Verified Patient Reviews Logo

Always professional and caring. I would recommend Dr. Livingston to my family and friends! more

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Dr. Joshua J. Livingston ( DO ) Tulsa, OKPain Management, Wellness

Dr. Joshua J. Livingston ( DO ) is a Tulsa native who has been serving the Pain Management community for many years. He received his undergraduate training and medical degree from Oklahoma State University. He is a member of the American Pain Society and the American Academy of Pain Management. more

Opioid-induced Constipation

30-Jan-2013  |  Comments (48)  |  Views : 3136

Although opioids are very effective for treating and managing pain, their use frequently results in opioid-induced constipation (OIC). Treatment options for OIC may be as simple as changing diet or as complicated as requiring several medicines and laxatives.

You can gain control over your body (and its changes) Click here to schedule an appointment.

Steering from pain to wellness

5-Feb-2013  |  Comments (67)  |  Views : 6244

It is easy to see pain in your body as being "permanent." Pain can be the most destructive force in a person's life. Without a proper strategy toward health and wellness, you can easily find yourself feeling a sense of loss in your life's purpose and meaning.

Dr. Joshua Livingston ( DO ) in Tulsa will empower you with the accurate informtion you need to stay on the winning side of your specific physical or pshchological challenge.

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Tulsa Pain Management Joshua Livingston owns and operates South Pointe Pain Management And Wellness in Tulsa found here